Paul's seventh month

September 2000

Paul is still eating really well as you can plainly see from this bath pic. Even though he looks like a tub, his height and weight are right on track. Still no teeth yet, but he likes to chew and slobber on everything he can get his hands on. This month we introduced Baby Biter Biscuits. They are hard crackers he can chew on and they basically disolve after a while. They have been a big hit.

Tub in the Tub
New shoes Paul's creepimg has turned to official crawling and he has really picked up some speed. He also is pulling himself up to a standing position from anything that isn't moving and cruises along the coffee table and the couch. When he's ready to wake up in the morning we often find him standing in his crib. Between cruising and crawling we've had our share of ouchies this month. Sometimes an arm just gives out in the middle of fast crawl and splat. This was a month of babyproofing for us.

Here we are at the Topeka Zoo. Paul wasn't too interested but Mom and Dad had fun and got some exercise. zoo
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