Paul's ninth month

November 2000

Here's Paul in his tractor that is an early Christmas present from Auntie Kay and Uncle Mike. His legs are to short to drive it but he loves to ride in the trailer and walk behind it.

In my tractor
Me and Auntie Ann

Here's Paul with his Auntie Ann. We got to go up and visit her and Unlce Rick (pictured below) in Omaha for Thanksgiving. We had a good trip and a wonderful meal but Paul didn't feel like sleeping AT ALL while we were there. He didn't think Mom, Dad, Uncle Mike or Auntie Kay should sleep either.

Paul started daycare this month. He goes to Nicole's house a couple of times a week for 2 - 3 hours a time. He seems to really like it and is in awe of the other kids.

Paul and Uncle Rick
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