Paul's first month

March 2000

Paul got his first name from Troy's late grandfather, Paul Kuglin, and his middle name from Jenny's dad, Pat Reynolds. This month Paul's Grandad Pat came to visit from Hawaii.

Paul is a really good eater and sleeper. He eats around four ounces every three to four hours. The only routine we have at this point is bedtime at 10:00 and the first breakfast around 4:30. He usually goes back to sleep until about 8:30. At his two week dr's visit he weighed 9 pounds, 1 and half ounces.

Paul in a basket
Paul in Troy's sweater

In this picture Paul is sporting a hand knit sweater and hat. The sweater was actually Troy's as a baby and the hat was knitted by the Ladies Auxillery Club at LMH.

Paul's favorite things this month are falling asleep to the cd "Mommy sings goodnight" that Poppy and Granny bought and watching Mom lipsinc the words. He takes after his buddy Trevor in that his least favorite thing is laying on his tummy. Who can blame them. It can't be much fun having your face smushed into the carpet.

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