Paul's second month

April 2000

Paul had his first professional portrait taken for Easter. He made mommy and the photographer work pretty hard to get a smile, but once they got one he just smiled and smiled. He doesn't make us work so hard for smiles now.

This month Paul has developed strong likes and dislikes. His daddy says he's developing "attitude" a.k.a "personality." He likes to hear songs and play Pattycake. His favorite songs are "The Wheels on the Bus" and "On top of Spaghetti". His dislikes are waiting for his supper and hearing the sound of cards shuffling. He can hold his head up more and more but still really hates laying on his tummy and will only do it for a few minutes.

wide awake Paul
Future Jayhawk

Paul had his two month checkup and is growing like a weed. Mommy and Daddy got a little over excited to hear he was in the 95% group for height. We won't hold our breaths but if he continues to grow like that, we may have to give Coach Roy a call.

Paul's Great-aunt Mary came to visit this month.

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